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Coronavirus Update

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The health, safety and well-being of our residents, employees and families is always a priority at our community.  With the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the news and in the minds of many, we want to address actions, which are taking place related to this concern.

Some of the actions we are addressing include:

  • Consistent updates and communication to those who live and work at the community.
  • Evidence-based precautions that align with guidelines provided by the CDC.
  • Reviewing emergency preparedness and response measures in the event that a virus impacts our community or the surrounding area.
  • Changes to our travel and visitation guidelines for all employees, partners and guests.

We are closely monitoring local, state and federal health agencies to ensure we can respond quickly and effectively to protect our community and mitigate risks of an outbreak.

We will continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to preserve the health and safety of our community.

If you have questions, concerns or need more information, please contact Kari Rennie at or call (517)827-1042.

Helpful Resources

Centers for Disease Control

World Health Organization

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

How Seniors Benefit From Volunteering

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Senior living communities have a lot to offer seniors—but one opportunity may surprise you. Many residents become active volunteers. Seniors have time and talent to offer, and by joining together with other residents, can make an impact with their volunteering. The opportunities for getting involved can be wide-ranging, from helping young children read, to working in a communal garden, to gathering items for charity. These activities aren’t just beneficial for those being helped, but they’re beneficial for her, too. To learn how, CLICK HERE. 


Latest Construction Update – February 2019

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Construction of StoneBriar at Burcham Hills has officially begun!

In this first phase, significant areas of the existing Burcham Hills building are being renovated or enhanced, including a new dining venue with outdoor seating, wellness and activity spaces, salon and spa, group exercise areas with fitness and strength equipment, and multipurpose space for residents.